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1. Will my previous Blackboard courses be available inside Canvas?

No. Only courses starting after Fall 2012 are in the Canvas system. Blackboard courses prior to that can only be recovered by faculty, and unfortunately student work cannot be recovered from those courses. Students are solely responsible for backing up their own important documents before submitting them to Blackboard or Canvas. 

2. What does it mean when I register web services like Facebook, Twitter, and GoogleDocs?

Registering web resources does not give anyone access to your wall, profile, documents, or account. Classmates, Instructors, and Canvas Administrators cannot view or access your account. It simply lets classmates and instructors know that you use that service (if they want to add you to a collaboration) and allows Canvas to send you notifications via those delivery methods if you choose them in your Notification preferences.

3. How long will I have access to my Canvas courses after I graduate?

You will have viewing access to all of your Canvas courses for two years after you graduate.

4. How do I get my Canvas calendar to sync with my personal calendar?  (Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, or Google Calendar)

Answer: Follow the instructions on this page:

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