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Welcome to the Post Professional MSN Case Management Program at Samuel Merritt University
The purpose of this track is to prepare experienced nurses with advanced theory and practice in a systematic case management approach to the delivery of health care to diverse patient populations. Case management emphasizes collaborative methods of coordination, continuity, and quality of care within a cost-sensitive perspective. Emphasis will be placed on critical-thinking and strong planning and decision-making skills needed to recognize and respond to the constant changes in the health care delivery system.

The program can be completed in 4 semesters for full-time students. Students may also elect to attend on a part-time basis. The Post Professional track is available at our Oakland campus and Sacramento Regional Center.

Admission Requirements
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"SMU offers an amazing curriculum with an immensely talented faculty to mentor students. My experience has been undeniably helpful in advancing my knowledge base as a Master's prepared nurse and furthering my professional career advancement.

Through SMU I was offered a student membership to the professional organization of Case Management Society of America (CMSA). Through that association, I have since become a CMSA board member, and was chosen to be a Washington DC delagate to lobby for case managers.

During this time of Healthcare Reform, it is important our Legislators and Congressmen know how case managers improve patient outcomes while saving resources."

Julie Loper, RN, MSN
Graduate of 2008



Learn more about the Case Management Program. This powerpoint was presented at a Sutter Health Case Management Council meeting.


These slides are also available as a PDF download.


Research Activities and Projects by Case Management Faculty

  • Implementation of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) in Japan (Fusae Kondo Abbott)
    • Poster presentation on "Fundamentals for Successful Implementation of the CDSMP: A Japanese Case" at the "International Conference on Patient Self-Management" at Victoria, Canada in 2005
      CDSMP Poster Board
    • Kondo, F. (2006). Patient Empowerment: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, JIM, 16(12), 994-995.
    • Kondo, F. (2008). (Translation) Living a healthy life with chronic conditions: Self-management of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and others (3rd ed.) [written by Lorig, K., Holman, H., Sobel, D., Laurent, D., Gonzalez, V., Minor, M. (2006). Boulder, CO. Bull Publishing Company] Tokyo: Kango Kyokai Shuppankai (ISBN978-4-8180-1333-9).
    • Yukawa, K., Yamazaki, Y., Yonekura, Y., Togari, T., Kondo-Abbott, F., Homma, M., Park, M., Kagawa, Y. (2010). Effectiveness of chronic disease self-management Program in Japan: Preliminary report of a longitudinal study. Nursing and Health Sciences. 12, 456-463. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21210924
    • National Center for Child Health and Development. (2010). A review of a children's self-management Program offered in England: Staying positive: Self-management workshops. Retrieved from http://www.ncchd.go.jp; http://www.ncchd.go.jp/English/english.pdf.
  • Poster presentation on "Synthesis Projects by CM MSN Students at Samuel Merritt College" at the American Case Management Association's Annual Conference and at the Case Management Society of America's Annual Conference in 2006 (Fusae Abbott & Janet Rowland)
    CDSMP Poster Board
  • Poster presentation entitled "Clinical and Financial Impact of the Pharmacy Therapeutic Benefit Change Implemented in 2008" at the SMU Spring Science Symposium in 2009 (Fusae Abbott, in collaboration with the Medication Management Committee at Medical SutterSelect Health Plan)
    CDSMP Poster Board
  • Poster presentation entitled "Improving Transition from Hospital to Home" at the 2010 NICM/ACMA Case Management Conference in San Antonio, TX in 2010 (Fusae Abbott, in collaboration with Jan Van der Mei at Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region)
    CDSMP Poster Board
  • Poster presentation on "Evaluation of the MSN-Prepared CM New Graduates' Orientation and Mentorship Program" at the SMU Spring Science Symposium in 2011 (Fusae Abbott & Janet Rowland), in collaboration with Wendy De Vreugd at Kindred Healthcare, Inc.)
    CDSMP Poster Board

Life as a ELMSN Case Management Student by Shirley Ng
Life as a Case Management Student

Case Management in 2011 by Janet Rowland
Case Management in 2011

For more information about case management, please visit professional case management organizations:

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