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CRNA Application/Admission Processing Timeline

CRNA Admission Process Timeline




October 3, 2013

CRNA Information Session

November 1, 2013

CRNA application deadline

Please note that applications may be accepted after the application deadline on a space available basis; please check with the Office of Admission.

November 1, 2013 –December 1, 2013

Applications under review in the Office of Admission

Please note when your file has been reviewed, you will receive an email summarizing details of your file.

November 28-29, 2013

University closed-Thanksgiving Holiday


December 6, 2013-January 10, 2014

Files sent to CRNA admission committee for interview consideration

Applicants will receive an email that their file has been forwarded.

December 25, 2013-January 1, 2014

University Closed-Winter Break


January 2, 2014

Complete FAFSA for 2014-2015 academic year.

January 20, 2014

University closed- Martin Luther King Day


January 21-23, 2014

Interviews invitations sent out via email/hard copy.

Sent from the CRNA department

January 24, 2014

Additional applicants may be considered for interview if there is space available.


January 31, 2014

Students scheduled for interviews must turn in any new or updated documents by this date to have them included in their interview files

Submit to your admission counselor

February 17, 2014

University closed-Presidents’ Day


February 26-28, 2014

On-Campus Interviews

Conducted by CRNA department. Refer to details below.

March 3-5, 2014

Admission decisions are sent out via email.

From CRNA department

March 7, 2014

Official Samuel Merritt University admission decision letters (accepts, wait list, and denial) are sent out via email.

From Admission Office

March 22-23, 2014

Diversity CRNA Information Session and Airways Simulation Weekend

March 28, 2014

Tuition Deposit deadline for accepted students


March 28, 2013 – September 2, 2014

Students will be admitted from the waitlist on an on-going basis as spots in the class become available. 

Please see details below about how the wait list works.

April 1, 2014 – August 27, 2014

Student Health Paperwork due for accepted/deposited students.

Received in your acceptance checklist and return to Student Health Department

April 1 – September 2, 2014

CRNA specific series of communications via email and/or hard copy to incoming class.

Sent from CRNA Department

April 3, 2014

CRNA Information Session

April 7, 2014 and ongoing

Wait listed or denied applicants may contact the Office of Admission for advice on improving their applications for the next admission cycle.


May 1, 2014 – June 1, 2014

Email sent to Accepted/Deposited students for a final update on your application file and any missing documents.

Email sent from CRNA admission counselor.

May 1, 2014 – September 2, 2014

Financial aid packaging begins

Sent from financial aid office

July 13-17, 2014

Class registration

Information sent by the Registrar’s Office

August 27-28, 2014

Mandatory New Student Orientation

Information sent by the Office of Student Services

September 2, 2014

Classes begin


September 30, 2014

Last date to send in official transcripts


*This is a tentative timeline for the admission cycle for the CRNA program and is intended for representative purposes only.

Applying Via CollegeNet

Beginning this fall, all applicants will apply through CollegeNet: .
For questions about application service please contact: . Through this system you will need to do the following:

  • Upload unofficial copies of all college/university transcripts (officials will be required at the time of acceptance only)
  • Upload copies of all: writing samples, certifications, resumes, etc.
  • Recommendations: you will enter their contact information, where they will be sent an email immediately; upon their completion of the form and uploading of their written letter, you will receive an email telling you the reference has been submitted.

May I send in supplemental documents?

Any additional documents that you would like added to your application file should be mailed into:

Office of Admission
Samuel Merritt University
Address:  3100 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 110 Oakland, CA 94609
Fax: 510-869-6525

Has my application been received?

You will receive an email from the CRNA admission counselor by November 15 letting you know that your application has been received with an amended version of this timeline.

How is my application file reviewed by the CRNA admission counselor?

The CRNA admission counselor will review files to see which files meet the minimum admission requirements:

  • Most recent 60 semester/90 quarter unit GPA = 3.0 or higher
  • Overall GPA (all colleges/universities attended) = 3.0 or higher
  • All science GPA (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Minimum combined GRE score = 290 combined  or higher (competitive was a 310)
  • All prerequisites accounted for (may be in progress at the time of application)
  • 3 letters of recommendation accounted for
  • ACLS/PALS/RN accounted for
  • Account for all other admission documentation that is required

All applicants will receive a summary email indicating that their file has been reviewed. Applicants missing documentation will have this noted in that email. Documents not submitted in a timely manner will be considered incomplete and risk being denied for missing documents.  Those that meet the minimum requirements will have a notation that your file has been sent to the CRNA department for interview consideration.

What if I am planning to retake the GRE examination for a better score?

Please no later than December 5, 2013 and self-report your scores to the CRNA admission counselor as soon as they are available.

How will I know I am invited to interviews?

You will receive a letter via email and/or mail from the CRNA department inviting you to interviews. Follow-up calls to those who have not responded by the deadline will be made by the CRNA Program Manager. Please refer to the timeline above for a specific dates.

What happens if I am not invited to interviews?

The faculty review committee usually places files into three (3) groups of applicants to be invited to interview. This is based on admission all components of the application. Denial letters are not sent out until after interviews (March 7, 2013). If you were not selected for an interview you will have an opportunity to speak with the CRNA admission counselor regarding advice to improve your file.  For dates and details about when you will be notified to discuss your file, please refer to the above timeline.

What is the interview like?

Applicants invited to interview will be asked to do the following:

  • Professional attire
  • Come with questions for the faculty and/or students of the program
  • Submit any additional application documents you may need to turn no later than January 31, 2014. Documents may include but are not limited to: transcripts, proofs of enrollment in spring courses, letters of recommendation, updated certifications, new certifications, etc.)
  • Participate in a 20-30 minute interview that is comprised of several key members from the CRNA department.

What is faculty looking for in an applicant during the interview?

Knowledge about Samuel Merritt University and our CRNA program

  • Knowledge about CRNA and why you chose CRNA as a career
  • Professionalism in an interview
  • Maturity in relation to the field and being a student in the program
  • Exposure to CRNA (shadowing experience)

Post Interview Admission Decisions

Interview decisions are given out within one-two (2) weeks of interviews. Students may be categorized into one of the following areas:

Conditional Acceptance: you must submit a $350 tuition deposit within three (3) weeks of receiving your acceptance letter and you must complete all admission requirements by the start of the program. You may pay your tuition deposit via check or money order made payable to Samuel Merritt University or pay via credit card by calling the Campus Service Center 510-869-1550 and providing your name and student ID number (provided in your acceptance package).

Wait List: you will be provided a wait list number. Faculty ranks all students for the wait list based on a variety of factors. We will continue to call off of the wait list through the start of classes, September 2, 2014. You will receive weekly updates as to your wait list status via email from your admission counselor.  Please call the CRNA admission counselor after April 7, 2014 to set-up a phone appointment as how to improve your application for the next admission cycle.

Denied After Interview: please call the CRNA admission counselor after April 7, 2014 to set-up a phone appointment as to why you were denied after interview and any recommendations for improvement.

Denied Applicants: please call the CRNA admission counselor after April 7, 2014 to set-up a phone appointment as to why you were denied after interview and any recommendations for improvement.

How many students do we plan to seat?


How many students do you wait list?

An average of about 15

What happens if I am still taking courses in spring or summer 2013?

You may list them in your application as in progress for spring or summer 2014. Once the course(s) are complete, please send in official documentation to: Office of Admission 3100 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 110 Oakland, CA 94609

What if I am planning to complete the CCRN exam during the admission process?

Please work to take it before January 31, 2014 so that faculty has your results before interviews. Submit your planned test date to the CRNA admission counselor as soon as you have it. Once you have obtained the certification, please fax or mail in a copy to the Office of Admission. 

Who May I Contact with Questions?

Ché Abram
Assistant Director of Admission
General Program
Karen Lane
Program Manager
CRNA Admission Committee
Joseph Janakes