Faculty Orientation

The School of Nursing holds mandatory Faculty Orientation a few times per year to assist new faculty (and returning faculty who are yet to attend) with their transition into the faculty role. Clinical faculty are also required to complete the online portion of orientation. Upon completion of the requirements, faculty will be eligible to receive an orientation reimbursement.


Reserve Your Space to Attend Mandatory Orientation


Please contact our Coordinator of Faculty Development, Dr. Karen Wolf, to reserve your space for the next orientation. If you are unable to attend or will begin teaching prior to the scheduled orientation, Dr. Wolf may be able to arrange a small group or one-on-one meeting with you at another time. She can be reached at (510) 869-6511 ext.4854 or kwolf@samuelmerritt.edu


Completing the online portion - Clinical Instruction Modules

Clinical faculty members are required to complete the online portion of faculty orientation by completing the Clinical Instruction Modules. If these cannot be completed by start date, faculty must submit the certificate within 60 days.

· Go to http://ca-hwi.org/4faculty/ · Review modules 1-6 as listed and complete the self-assessment at the end of EACH module. Completion of “Becoming an Expert Preceptor” module is not required.

· Print out the certificate of completion for EACH module self-assessment (with an accuracy of 60% or greater according to the CA Heath Workforce Initiative).

· Please write your name on all certificates and submit them to an Administrative Assistant: Nancy Stollon or Lisa Wheeler

Orientation Reimbursement

All faculty members who meet the following requirements will be reimbursed for their time:

  • Attending a scheduled or individual orientation with Dr. Karen Wolf AND
  • Completion of the online portion, Clinical Instruction Modules (clinical faculty only)


School of Nursing Orientation and Resource Center


Upon receiving your BlackBoard system login, you will be able to access the SoN Orientation and Resource Center which includes topics such as clinical teaching and evaluation, CCNE emphasis areas and resources, and general information about the faculty role.

  • Click Here for Instructions for Access to School of Nursing Orientation and Resource Center on BlackBoard


San Francisco Learning Center Clinical Course Orientation

An email will be sent to you by the Faculty Instructor with the date, time and location to review clinical course materials and requirements.

Request more information

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