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Approved Pathophysiology Courses courses are ones that have been pre-approved, by the School of Nursing, to meet the pathophysiology/pharmacology requirements. We STRONGLY advise you to contact each school to find out about enrollment requirements and if courses are offered online, on campus, telecourse, etc. You may ONLY take courses listed here. If you are considering taking a course not listed below, you must email it to Eugenia Berdali at and request that it be submitted for approval. For questions and concerns, please contact the Office of Admission at 510-869-6576.

School Course Number Course Title Website Address
Arkansas Tech University BIO (NURS) 3803 Applied Pathophysiology
Butler Community College NR 230 Pathophysiology
Chemeketa Community College NURS 272 Pathophysiology for Nurses
Merritt Community College BIOL 42 Basic Pathophysiology
CSU Eastbay BIOL 4160 Medical Physiology
CSU Eastbay NURS 2005 Clinical Pathophysiology

CSU Dominguez Hills BSN 346 Pathophysiology
CSU Sacramento NURS 130 Pathophysiology
Columbus State Community College BIO 263 Human Pathophysiology
Middle Tennessee State University NURS 3010 Pathophysiology
Moorpark College HS M25 Basic Pathophysiology (online)
Nevada State College NURS 337 Pathophysiology
Purdue University NURS 214 Introduction to Pathophysiology
Santa Barbara City College HIT 204 Basic Pathophysiology (online)
The University of Memphis NURS 3400 Clinical Pathophysiology
University of New Mexico NURS 239 and NURS 240 Pathophysiology I and II
Univ. of Wisconsin Oshkosh ANP 348 and 358 Accelerated Pathophysiology I and II
Yuba Community College System (Woodland CC) NURS 36 Pathophysiology: Understanding Disease
The University of Iowa NURS096:118 Pathophysiology (online)
University of Wyoming PHCY 4450 Pathophysiology (online)


Samuel Merritt University N119 Pathophysiology Please note that Pharmacology and Pathophysiology are taught three times a year as online courses at Samuel Merritt University. They are offered in the spring, summer and fall semesters. They are designed for prospective students to meet the prerequisite deadlines; you will find the information regarding the upcoming courses here. SMU Prerequisite Courses. (online)
Butler Community College NR 230 Pathophysiology
CSU East Bay NURS 2005 Clinical Pathophysiology
Alfred State BIOL 4403 Pathophysiology

Rio Salado College HCR 240 Pathophysiology
Austin Community College HPRS-2301 Pathophysiology
Scottsdale Community College HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology
University of Rhode Island NUR 213 Pathophysiology
CSU Bakersfield BIO 355 Pathophysiology
University of Northern Colorado NURS 326 Pathophysiology
Portland Community College BIOL 241 Pathophysiology
Grand Canyon University, AZ BIO 483 Pathophysiology
Grand Canyon University, AZ BIO 308 Pathophysiology
Duke University N330-01 Advanced Pathophysiology
University of Rochester NUR370 Pathophysiology & Pharmacolofy (6 units)
Indiana State University BIO 412-002 Pathophysiology
Salem State University SMS 351 Disease & Illness
Golden West College BIOL 160 Physiology & Mechanisms of Disease

UCSC BIO 118 Pathogenesis

CSU, San Marcos NURS 316A/316B Pathophysiology of Nursing Practice I, II
Humboldt State NURS 306 Pathophysiology & Pharmacotherapeutics
Cowley College ALH 5236 Pathophysiology
Seattle University NURS524 Advanced Pathophysiology
Oregon Institute of Technology BIO 336 Essentials of Pathophysiology
UCLA PHYSCI X459.10 Pathophysiology

South University BIO 2015 Human Pathophysiology
Saddleback College BIO 112 Pathophysiology

Wheeling Jesuit University CLS234 Pathophysiology
Community College of Aurora BIO 216-310 Pathophysiology
BYU PDBIO365 Pathophysiology

West Coast University PATH370 Pathophysiology
Dominican University NURS/NURL 2018 Pathophysiology
Oakland University NURS 227 A & B Pathophysiology

university of New. England BIOL1030 Pathophysiology

Weber State University HTHS2230 Intro to Pathophysiology
University of Michigan N245 Pathophysiology
University of Minnesota LAMP 4177 Nature of Disease

Fort  Hayes State University NURS 207/307 Pathophysiology
University of New England BIO1030 Pahtophysiology http:/
Chabot College Nursing 88 Pathophysiology
Phoenix College HCR 240 Pathophysiology
Washtenaw Community College BIO212 Pathophysiology