Approved Pharmacology Courses

These courses are ones that have been pre-approved, by the School of Nursing, to meet the pathophysiology/pharmacology requirements. We STRONGLY advise you to contact each school to find out about enrollment requirements and if courses are offered online, on campus, telecourse, etc. You may ONLY take courses listed here. If you are considering taking a course that is not listed below, you must email the course syllabus to the Office of Admission at and request that it be submitted for approval. For questions or concerns please call the Office of Admission at 510-879-9200.

School Course Number Course Title Website Address
American River College NURSE 310 Pharmacology and Implications for Healthcare Providers
Barstow College AHLT 57 Pharmacology (online)
Cayunga Community College Nurse 207 Pharmacology
Central Oregon Community College NURS 260 Pharmacology
Contra Costa College NURS 212** Pharmacology for Nurses
CSU East Bay NURS 2015 Pharmacology
CSU Sacramento NURS 014 Pharmacology
De Anza College NURS 81P and 82P Pharmacology I and II
Foothill College BIO 58 Fundamentals of Pharmacology
Long Beach City College ADN 225 Nursing Applications of Pharmacology (online)
Moorpark College HS M23 or
HS M15
Pharmacology for Allied Health (23)
Pharmacology (15) (online)
Sacramento City College NURS 315 Pharmacology and Implications for Nursing
Santa Barbara City College HIT 201** Basic Pharmacology (online)
Saddleback College N 160 Pharmacology
SUNY Rockland Community College NUR 205 Principles of Pharmacology
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh ANP 336 and 346 Accelerated Pharmacology I and II
University College (University of Maine System) NURS 302 Pharmacology
Yuba Community College System (Woodland CC) NURS 26 Basic Pharmacology
Samuel Merritt University N118 Pharmacology Please note that Pharmacology and Pathophysiology are taught three times a year as online courses at Samuel Merritt University. They are offered in the spring, summer and fall semesters. They are designed for perspective students to meet the prerequisite deadlines; you will find the information regarding the upcoming courses here. SMU Basic Science Courses. (online)
Santa Rosa Junior College PHARM 255** Comprehensive Pharmacology Update (online
San Joaquin Delta College Nursing 3 or Health Sciences 3 or Health Sciences 72 Administration of Medication Theory (3)

Introduction to Pharmacology for Health Science (72)
University of Wyoming PHCY 4470 Fundamentals of Pharmacology (online)
Solano Community College NURS 52 Pharmacology for Healthcare Professionals I
Sacramento City College NURSE315 Pharmacology & Implications for Nursing
Ohlone College AH-151-01 Applied Clinical Pharmacology
University of Phoenix HCS 260 Pharmacology
Sacramento State University NURS 14 Pharmacology


Santa Monica Colege NURS 17 Pharmacological Aspects
Austin Community College HPRS 2300 Pharmacology for Health Professions
County College of Morris NUR 220 Pharmacology for the Health Professional
Community College of Allegheny County ALH 135 Pharmacology
Cerro Coso Community College HCRS C230 Pharmacology for the Health Professional
Oklahoma City Community College NUR 1423 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice

MiraCosta College Pharm 100 Pharmacology
University of Rochester NUR 370 Pharm & Patho (6 units)
UCLA Ext M PHARM X 401 Molecular & Medical Pharmacology http://://
Golden West BIOL 200 Pharmacology
Indiana State University N228 Nursing Pharmacology
Tyler Junior College RNSG 1301 Pharmacology
CSU, San Marcos NURS 302 Intro To Pharmacology
Cowley College ALH5230 Pharmacology
UCSF N141 Pharmacology & Nursing Care
Humboldt State NURS306 Pathophysiology & Pharmacotherapeutics
Shashta College HEOC 10 Applied Phramacology

University of  W. Florida NUR 1345 Pharmacology
Ventura Colege NS-V07 Pharmacology

Butler Community College NR 245 Pharmacology

Oakland University (Michigan) NRS 308 Pharmacology for Nursing
University of N. Dakota PPT 315 Human Pharmacology
West Coast University NURS 180 Pharmacology
El Paso CC RNSG1301 Pharmacology
SFSU NURS315, Bology 623/723 Pharmacology
Butler CC NR245 Pharmacology
University of Michigan Pharm 210 Pharmacology & Therapeutics for Nursing

Fort Hayes State University NURS340 Pharmacology
College of San Mateo NURS615 Pharmacology
Windward Community College PHRM 203 Pharmacology
Lansing Community College Nursing 200 Nursing Pharmacology
UCB, Extension MCELLBI X410.1 Pharmacology
SDCC NE141 & NE143 &, NE145 Pharmacology for Nursing
University of Guam NU207 Pharmacology in Nursing
El Centro Community College NRSG1301 Pharmacology for Nurses
Seattle University NURS207 Introduction to Pharmacology
Drexel University HSCI301 & 302 Pharmacology
Eastern Michigan University Nursing 270 Nursing Pharmacology
University of Cincinnati HLSC3014 PHARM HLTH SCI
Washtenaw Community College NUR 115 Pharmacology 
Monterey Peninsula College Nursing 100 Pharmacology for Nursing
San Jose State NURS 43 or BIOL 255M Pharmacology
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center HLSC 3409 Pharmacology  
Straighterline Pharmacology I + II Credit given only if both Pharmacology I + II are completed.
University of Oregon HPHY 337 Clinical Pharmacology  

**This 2 unit course is approved by the faculty regardless of the number of units.

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