Free Pediatric Occupational Therapy Community Participant Lab

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What is the Pediatric OT Community Participant Lab?

  • A free occupational therapy service for children ages 6 months through 16 years of age who have difficulty engaging in typical activities of childhood due to medical conditions, developmental challenges, or injury.  Occupational therapy helps children develop skills to enhance their participation in self-care, play, and school activities.
  • A student-run program, supervised by faculty in the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program at SMU.


About the Program

  • Pediatric OT CPL runs only in fall semester, for 9 visits total.
  • 1st visit: Initial assessment and parent interview.
  • 2nd-8th visits: Treatment.
  • 9th visit: Home program instruction & discharge.

Areas Addressed by Pediatric OT

  • Self-care skills (toothbrushing, dressing skills, utensil use for self-feeding)
  • Visual motor and visual perceptual skills (doing puzzles, mazes, handwriting)
  • Fine motor (using hands to manipulate items)
  • Functional gross motor skills for play (using whole body to move through space)  
  • Social skills (turn taking, play skills)
  • Attention and self-regulation skills (learning to control energy level and emotions)*
  • Environmental modification for participation in daily life activities

*Due to the student-run nature of our services, our CPL does not provide services to address behavior issues, complex sensory processing issues, or swallowing/feeding difficulties.  These are considered areas of advanced practice and are best served by practitioners who have advanced level training in these areas.  Children should have a need for skill development in one of the areas listed above to be a good fit for our CPL services.

2019 Schedule:

  • The 2019 lab will take place on Mondays, beginning early October and ending in early December, 2019. 
  • Children will be scheduled for a 50-minute therapy session.
  • Sessions will start at 2:30 or 3:30 pm. 
  • We accept clients on a first come, first served basis.

To Be Eligible Your Family Must:

  • Commit to attending all 9 sessions on Monday afternoons.
  • Have a child who has developmental needs in one or more of the above listed areas.

 Enrollment forms for 2019 OT Community Participant Lab will be available when the BRAND NEW SMU website launches the last week of July.

(The following links are OLD forms so you can see the type of information required for enrolling.)

Forms must be sent by the parent or legal guardian of the child. 

Please send forms via FAX to 510‐457-4008 (Attn: Laura Figueroa), or mail your completed forms to:

Laura Figueroa, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapy Department
Samuel Merritt University
450 30th Street, 4th Floor
Oakland, CA 94609

These enrollment forms contain private health care information that is protected under HIPAA laws.  Email is not considered a HIPAA compliant way to submit protected health care information.  We do allow families to submit forms via email, but must inform you email is not HIPAA compliant.  If you wish to scan your forms and submit via email, you may send to

For More Information:

If you have further questions about our Pediatric OT CPL at Samuel Merritt University please email Laura Figueroa at

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