Resources for OT Fieldwork Educators

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

AOTA offers many resources to support fieldwork educators in establishing and implementing a fieldwork program.  Please visit AOTA's Fieldwork page for more information.


AOTA Self-Assessment Tool for Fieldwork Educator Competency

Fieldwork educators can use this tool to evaluate their abilities in five competency areas: practice, education, supervision, evaluation, and administration. This assessment tool encourages self-reflection and helps fieldwork educators identify competency areas for improvement. Download the tool here.

A research article identifies items from this self-assessment that are most important to students and fieldwork educators. 


Learning Style Resources

The OT fieldwork literature suggests it is beneficial for fieldwork educators and students to communicate about learning styles (download article). Two learning style inventories are available online, the VARK and the Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment.  


AOTA's Fieldwork Educators Certificate Workshop

This two-day training includes many hands-on learning activities and is taught by a team of instructors, including an academic fieldwork coordinator and a fieldwork educator. Both new and seasoned fieldwork educators have found this course to be immensely beneficial. For more information, please visit the AOTA website.


Annual Fieldwork Educators' Collaborative Meeting

Northern California's occupational therapy education programs (San Jose State University, Dominican University of California, City College of Sacramento, and Samuel Merritt University) jointly present an annual educational program to fieldwork educators. The meetings provide a forum through which communication about student preparation, education program changes, fieldwork educators' needs, and continuing education related to fieldwork education can be exchanged. Fieldwork educators receive professional development units for attending this meeting, which is usually held in May, June or July each year. Please contact for more information about these annual meetings.



Fieldwork educators are encouraged to review the content and sequence of coursework in Samuel Merritt University's OTD curriculum.


Fieldwork Manual

Samuel Merritt University's Fieldwork Manual is a comprehensive resource about our fieldwork education program. Fieldwork educators may find Chapters 1-2 to be particularly helpful. 


Fieldwork Learning Objectives

At Samuel Merritt University, both Level I and Level II fieldwork are academic courses with course learning objectives. To meet ACOTE Standards, fieldwork educators will review the specific learning objectives for Level I fieldwork and Level II fieldwork prior to a student's arrival at their fieldwork site.


Sample Weekly Schedule for Level II Fieldwork

A example of how a student may progress over 12 weeks of a Level II rotation is provided here. Fieldwork educators are encouraged to customize the weekly schedule for their practice setting and for each student's learning needs.


Student Injury Procedures

Samuel Merritt University Clinical Student Injury Procedures must be followed if a fieldwork student is injured on the job. Please follow the process delineated here.

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