Clinical Education Resources for Clinical Sites

This page has many resources that clinical faculty and potential clinical instructors may find useful during clinical placements. Resources are available to help clinical coordinators and clinical instructors make our DPT students' clinical placements a valuable learning experience. These include resources both specific to the SMU DPT program and other helpful clinical education resources.

If you have any questions about the SMU DPT clinical education program, please contact Director of Clinical Education Gaye Raymond, PT, MS, DPT, at 510.879.9274 or

Samuel Merritt University Clinical Education Manual

Contains Samuel Merritt University DPT clinical education information including specifics for each clinical rotation regarding coursework complete/in progress, expectations of student performance, evaluation criteria, and what forms to fill out to assess student performance.
Please note: due to copyright restrictions, this version of the manual does not include the Clinical Performance Instrument. Contact the DCE if you need copies of this evaluation tool. Click here to download the Samuel Merritt DPT Clinical Education Manual (2016 version).

Center Coordinator of Clinical Education Reference Manual

APTA guide book for running clinical education; includes sections on orienting students and CIs, record keeping, and evaluation of the program from the top down. This manual can be downloaded free by APTA Members. Non-members can purchase the manual for $15. Available on APTA's Clinical Educator Development webpage

Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)

Ever wished you could have this long form in electronic format so updating would be easier? Download a computerized format of the CSIF, save to your computer, and make yearly updating to all programs you affliate with quicker and easier. Available at APTA's Clinical Site Development webpage.

Physical Therapist Student Evaluation: Clinical Experience & Clinical Instruction

SMU is using this form to evaluate the clinical site and the clinical instruction during placements.  Forms include evaluation of both the overall clinical experience provided by the site and evaluation of the clinical instructor(s). Forms are available in computerized word document form. Available at APTA's Clinical Site Development webpage.

Guidelines and Self-Assessments for Clinical Education

APTA members can access this useful tool for free! Contains worksheets to allow facilities, CCCEs, and CIs to assess their skills, identify weakness, and become better clinical educators. Available via APTA's Clinical Site Development webpage (some documents are available to APTA members only).

APTA Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Program

A formal clinical instructor education program composed of interactive didactic education sessions followed by an Assessment Center. The program is approximately 15 hours long.  APTA Clinical Educator Development webpage has brochures, schedules, and other information.

Northern California Clinical Education Consortium

An organization with representation from all Northern California physical therapist and physical therapists assistant education programs and clinical representatives from the region. Visit their website at

Students and Medicare Reimbursement

See the latest information regarding the use of students with Medicare patients, and get hints at how to deal with these regulations legally. Click here for APTA's latest information.

General Clinical Education Information

APTA's clinical educator's page had useful links as well.

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