Podiatry 3D Workshop

July 20th - July 22nd, 2016

The California School of Podiatric Medicine is proud to sponsor a three day podiatry workshop that provides participants with an opportunity to explore the profession of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.

Check out photos from the 2015 3D Workshop!

During the 3D Workshop you will:

  • Have an invaluable learning experience and opportunity to explore the profession of Podiatry
  • Shadow faculty and students in a variety of clinical settings
  • Participate in organized lectures covering the correlation between podiatric medicine and basic sciences
  • Participate in a full day MCAT workshop
  • Learn about the CSPM Admission process, Financial Aid, and Scholarships
  • Hands-on Clinical day learning how to cast, suture, and tape!

How does one qualify for the workshop?

Successful applicants will have 40 or more credit hours completed by an accredited undergraduate institution and may not have been previously enrolled in a school of podiatric medicine. Your all-college GPA will be taken in consideration, since there is limited space, expect acceptance to be competitive.

How many students are accepted to the Workshop?

Participation in the Podiatry 3D Workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Where does the Workshop take place?

The Podiatry 3D Workshop will be held on the main campus of Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA.

Are there scholarships available for program participants?

For out of state participants, we anticipate there will be travel scholarships available to help offset the cost of participation in the Podiatry 3D program; students who live locally will be eligible for a small monetary stipend.  Recipients will be notified of scholarships at the time of acceptance.

Will there be other out of pocket expenses I can expect as part of the program?

Yes.  All participants are responsible for overnight housing costs (hotel) and meals outside the program.  Most days breakfast and lunch are included as part of the program.  Travel to/from campus and parking will be your responsibility. 

How do I apply for the 3D workshop?

Complete this application.

When is the application deadline?

June 3, 2016

When will you know if you've been accepted to the workshop?

Successful participants will be notified on June 10, 2016 by email. Although subject to change, here is a sample agenda for the workshop.

Completed application and all supplemental materials are to be sent directly to:

Robert J. Penman, Jr.
Director of Admission Marketing & Outreach 
3100 Telegraph, Suite #1000
Oakland, CA 94609

Should you have questions regarding the Podiatry 3D Workshop, please forward questions to:

Robert J. Penman, Jr.
Director of Admission Marketing & Outreach
P: 510.869.1512
E: rpenman@samuelmerritt.edu