Brittany Rice

Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Alma Mater: University of California, Irvine, CA

Undergrad Major: Biological Sciences

DPM Class of: 2014


CSPM is great because of the small class sizes and location. Being able to rotate in clinics throughout the Bay Area exposes you to an extremely diverse patient population. Also, the faculty and staff at CSPM are very warm and welcoming making the academic environment a more comfortable place to be.

Any advice for prospective students

No matter how overwhelming school gets, don’t forget to make time for yourself! Plan a study schedule, stick to it, and set aside time to do things that you enjoy. Remember that you are not alone in this journey and that you have an entire class going through the same process as you. Most importantly, never forget why you are here. Continually remind yourself of the big picture: one day YOU will be a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine!

Extracurricular activities outside the classroom

SMU soccer, church, cooking, and eating!

In 10 years I see myself

Well established in a hospital or private practice and an active member of the podiatric community, as well as the inner city community. I hope to be on my way, if not already involved in the teaching aspects of podiatric medicine.

Favorite thing about the Bay Area

The view of the San Francisco skyline