Jasmine Neal

Atlanta, GA
Alma Mater: 
Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate Major: 
Class Of: 
Why CSPM: 
I felt that it was the best fit for me. Also, I enjoyed coming from an undergrad of approximately 2,000 where class sizes were 40 and below, CSPM offered this same experience. Overall CSPM was well rounded and most importantly it was a place where I felt I could grow and leave a positive footprint.
Any advice for prospective students: 
Make sure you rank the qualities you want in a school. While I know that tons of forums exist, the decision to attend one school over another must be yours alone not family, friends or a forum. Also, make sure to come with a positive attitude. Lastly, come willing and ready to work with your classmates because they are not your competition but instead your future colleagues and peers.
Extracurricular activities outside the classroom: 
I enjoy reading, going to the movies, attending concerts and finding places to volunteer in Oakland because it is my community even if only for four years.
In 10 years I see myself: 
In Atlanta, GA working in a wonderful Podiatry practice with great colleagues who strive to help all Atlantans regardless of income, race, or social status. I also hope to be apart of establishing a Podiatry school in Atlanta.
Favorite thing about the Bay Area: 
I enjoy living in Oakland right by Lake Merritt. However it’s great that San Francisco is 15 minutes to the West and Cal athletics are 15 minutes north. If there’s something you love you can find it in the Bay Area or a little ways out.
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