Jessica Potter

Vancouver, British Columbia
Alma Mater: 
University of San Francisco
Undergraduate Major: 
Exercise and Sport Science
Class Of: 
Why CSPM: 
After investigating the Podiatric schools in the country, my ultimate decision was based on which school could provide me with the best possible education. I chose CSPM because of their history and exemplary reputation. I am from the west coast of Canada and chose the University of San Francisco to complete my undergraduate education. It was an added bonus that I was able to return to the west coast, especially to the bay area to further my education. Not only does CSPM provide exceptional clinic and academic environments to study, the San Francisco/bay area exposes you to arts, entertainment and diversified culture that is truly a unique and exhilarating experience.
Any advice for prospective students: 
My advice to students is to take your time in selecting the right school for you. Go to all of your interviews and learn everything there is to know about their curriculum, rotations, etc. Reach out to current students and ask lots of questions. This will enable you to find the best school and fit for you.
Extracurricular activities outside the classroom: 
Golf, traveling, working out, spending time with family & friends.
In 10 years I see myself: 
Achieving my goal of practicing as a Podiatric Surgeon.
Favorite thing about the Bay Area: 
I love the Bay Area for its diversity and the excitement of always having something unique and different to experience, from outdoor activities to nightlife, dining and shopping.
Large Image: 

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