Peter Pham

Hometown: Portland, OR

Alma Mater: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Undergrad Major: Biology

DPM Class of: 2014


The reason I chose CSPM is because of the early clinical rotations, the close proximity to family, the weather (California!), the diverse population, small class size, and of course, the friendly staff.

Any advice for prospective students

Do your research and shadow as many podiatrists as you can. Then after you decide that podiatry is the right career for you, choose the school that most fits you. Remember, podiatry school is no cake walk so come prepared to work harder than you've ever worked before!

Extracurricular activities outside the classroom

I enjoy playing basketball and running (Lake Merritt is just five minutes away from school)

In 10 years I see myself

As a loving husband and a successful podiatrist.

Favorite thing about the Bay Area

The vast array of Sporting teams (49ers, Raiders, Giants, Oakland A's, Warriors, Cal Berkeley) and the food, there's so much to eat here!