DPM Application/Admission Processing Timeline




FALL 2015






August 1, 2014

Application portal opens at AACPM

Verification process by AACPM takes ~4-5 weeks from the time the candidate formally submits their application.



AACPM verifies and electronically notifies CSPM

Traffic Rules state we cannot process an application until such time as the application is "Verified" and is formally released to us by AACPM 



Applications reviewed in the Office of Admission

Once we have the application, candidates are contacted/communicated within one (1) week with a decision (denied)/Invitation to interview/Application is on hold, etc. 


On-campus interviews

Candidates are scheduled for interviews from invitations with offers of several dates for them to choose from.


 Within one week of interview

Admission Decisions released

This may include acceptance, waitlist or denial notification 

December 26, 2014 - January 1, 2015

Office of Admission closed

Emails and voice mails will not be checked or returned during this time


Deposit due date for accepted applicants

Timeframe based on traffic rule guidelines  


 End of June

CSPM application portal closes on AACPM website  


Thru August 2015

Students will be admitted from the waitlist on an on- going basis as spots in the class become available.

Please note there is no way to project how quickly or how slowly we may progress with taking students off the waitlist.  Movement occurs throughout the spring and summer months.

July 2015

Class registration

Information sent by the Registrar’s Office

August 2015

 New Student Orientation

Information sent by the Office of Student Services

Late August or early September 2015

Classes start



*This is a tentative timeline for the admission cycle for the DPM program and is intended for representative purposes only.

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