Campus Planning

The Planning and Business Development Department in the Office of the President is responsible for strategic and business planning. Part of the department’s role is to ensure that the University’s campuses in Oakland, Sacramento and San Mateo fulfill SMU’s educational mission and achieve its academic, enrollment and strategic goals.

A campus planning team assesses space needs and identifies opportunities for facility improvements. The team develops and renovates facilities to ensure that our campuses are safe, attractive and conducive to effective teaching, learning and research.

Samuel Merritt University completed a new 10-year Strategic Plan in 2017 that will guide campus planning during the University’s next decade of development and growth.  A key goal of that plan is to identify a new site for SMU’s main Oakland campus. A new campus with modern, energy-efficient facilities will offer a learning environment that supports students, promotes faculty scholarship, and helps SMU serve the community. A Campus Master Planning Study in 2014 defined the vision, character, and requirements for a new Oakland campus.

Cynthia Ulman serves as SMU’s Executive Director of Planning and Business Development. Lillian Harvin is Director of Campus Planning and Construction. Mary Grefal supports the Planning and Business Development Department.

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