Pearson Higher Education Announces Major Investment in Nursing Education with Readypoint Nursing

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Published on: 04/06/12

Pearson Higher Education today announced a major investment in nursing education with the launch of Readypoint™ Nursing. Readypoint Nursing is the first program to fully integrate learning with assessment to help ensure students are prepared not only for professional licensure but to launch their careers and practice nursing.

"The shortage of qualified nurses in the U.S. directly impacts our future in terms of the health of our citizens and the economy. And there is no end in sight-the shortage is projected to grow to 260,000 by 2025," said Tim Bozik, CEO of Pearson Higher Education. "Today, only 75 percent of the students who enroll in nursing programs make it to graduation, and the burnout rate for nurses is alarmingly high due to a gap in preparation for the realities and demands of actual nursing practice. Pearson is helping to tackle this problem head-on, working directly with nurse educators who are on the front lines to develop a strategy that addresses these pain points."

Readypoint Nursing offers the most advanced reporting of student progress and targeted remediation available. Created in collaboration with thousands of nurse educators, Readypoint Nursing is designed to help students "think like a nurse" from day one in the classroom. It is seamlessly integrated with Pearson's MyNursingLab and provides students, nurse educators and administrators with unprecedented insight into student performance. This insight empowers action: Since Readypoint Nursing works with each student from the first day of class, an individual student's readiness can be determined at any point to measure mastery in core topic areas, or to identify and address the student's needs for remediation.

"The remediation and reporting that Readypoint Nursing offers is easy, intuitive and insightful. Now, instead of spending so much time compiling and analyzing students' scores, we can easily identify key areas of strengths and weaknesses and more effectively prepare our students for success on the licensing exam and beyond," said Dr. Audrey Berman, Dean of the Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing.

Readypoint Nursing will be showcased at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing annual meeting on March 24-27 in Washington, DC.

"The Readypoint model is a scalable solution that brings together the best of Pearson-our proven technology, content and assessment services-into a seamless program aimed at improving achievement," said Tim Bozik.

Readypoint Nursing will be available in Summer 2012. For more information, visit

Audrey Berman, PhD, RN, Dean and Professor of School of Nursing at Samuel Merritt University


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