CA Podiatrist Discusses Treatment of Heel Pain

Appeared in: Podiatry Management Online


Published on: 08/14/12

Did you know that excess weight is also tough on your feet? A study of people who lost an average of 90 pounds after bariatric surgery found that their foot pain complaints dropped 83%. But what do you do when you have heel pain? See a doctor as soon as you suspect a problem, says Dr. Bob Baravarian co-director of the University Foot and Ankle Institute in Los Angeles and chief of foot and ankle surgery at Santa Monica/UCLA and Orthopedic Hospital.

Try icing, says Baravarian, who explains that chilling your heel reduces the inflammation that's causing the discomfort. For a quickie way to ice, freeze a plastic bottle filled with water, he says. Place the bottle on the floor, and roll your heel and foot over it for about 10 minutes a day until the discomfort subsides.

Bob Baravarian, DPM, graduated from the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM), formerly known as California College of Podiatric Medicine (CCPM), in 1996.


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