Japanese Physicians Visit U.S. PA and NP Programs

From: Elizabeth Valente, Advance for NPs & PAs
Published: February 1, 2012

Michael De Rosa, PhD, PA-C, chairman of the physician assistant program at Samuel Merritt University (SMU) in Oakland, Calif., recently welcomed two cardiovascular surgeons from Fujita Health University who are creating a training program for providers in Japan. They traveled to California to visit the University of California at San Francisco NP program and SMU's PA program to engage in a discussion about NP and PA training, role and practice issues.

"This was an excellent opportunity for SMU to show off the high-quality medical education we provide," De Rosa said. "The doctors were truly impressed by the simulation experiences we shared with them and the level of training our PA students receive. Our visitors realize they have a long road ahead, but I think they were encouraged by what physician assistants can do within their healthcare system."

De Rosa says future collaborations, guest lecture opportunities and student exchanges are being discussed


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