Meeting Clinical Education Needs Through Simulation Technology

Appeared in: Advance for Nurses

"Through our new state-of-the-art simulation center, we've been able to change the way our students experience, clinically, what is happening in the acute care setting.  It's a very safe environment for them to learn.  And with this generation of students, they are so tech-savvy; they grasp the technology and they want it.  We have students who say, 'At what point in my curriculum do I get to come here and do this?"

-- Lina Gage-Kelly, MS, ANP, assistant professor at Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, on meeting the clicnical education needs of an ever-expanding population of nursing students through simulation technology.

Lina Gage-Kelly, Assistant Professor and Simulation Coordinator at the Health Science Simulation Center, was featured in 'The Essence of Nursing:  Heart, Hands & Mind,' in the July issue of Advance for Nurses.

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