Merritt Podiatric Students Participate in Community Health Fair

Appeared in: Podiatry Management Online

Allen Temple Baptist Church held its annual health fair in Oakland. City leaders consider the event one of the largest free screenings in the City. Various vendors, sponsors, organizations, and schools like Samuel Merritt University (SMU) were present and assisted participants with various medical and health-related questions.

Several podiatric students were on hand as volunteers, along with their supervising faculty advisors Alison Cook, DPM, MS and Trinh Pham, DPM, both alums from the California School of Podiatric Medicine. The focus was on preventative foot care, a campaign started by Allen Temple Church member and podiatrist Sharon Burleigh, DPM. Buleigh assisted in publicizing the free foot screenings throughout the ministry and Oakland community and in gathering the supplies needed.

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