SMU Pride Committee

Welcome to the Samuel Merritt University Pride Committee!

Congratulations to the Pride Committee, which was honored with the 2014 Dr. Cornelius Hopper Diversity Excellence Award! Read more here.

The purpose of the Pride Committee is to identify and address issues pertaining to LGBTQ2IA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Ally) students, staff and faculty at Samuel Merritt University. Allies are especially welcomed and encouraged to join!

The Committee is structured as a 3-tired group consisting of three co-chairs, a core/steering committee, and a general/volunteer committee.

February 2015 - The Pride Committee is looking for representatives for SMU’s learning center campuses. Learning Center Pride Reps would be the contact person between the Pride Committee and the Rep’s campus community: attending once a semester Pride meetings via tele/videoconferencing,  having frequent contact between the Pride Committee Co-chairs and their campus’s Student Services Rep to facilitate Pride Committee programs and workshops on their campus, and be available to speak with any student, faculty or staff on their campus that may have suggestions, questions or feedback re: the Pride Committee’s work and then communicate this feedback to the Pride Committee. If you are a student, staff or faculty attending/working at our Sacramento or San Francisco Peninsula (San Mateo) campuses and are interested in working with the Pride Committee to bring more programming and increased representation to your campus community, please email with your name, contact info, campus, and any questions you may have.  Thank you!

Current goals of the Committee:

  • Identify and address the needs of the LGBTQ(2)IA community at Samuel Merritt University
  • Increase the LGBTQ2IA presence/visibility on each campus
  • Create LGBTQ2IA social opportunities and activities
  • Confirm gender equality in the application process
  • Identify scholarship opportunities for the LGBTQ2IA population
  • Fundraise for LGBTQ2IA Samuel Merritt University scholarship
  • Research healthcare volunteer opportunities within LGBTQ2IA community for all students
  • Work with LGBTQ2IA community/youth/medical/homeless centers to provide educational outreach
  • Find LGBTQ2IA issues addressed in all program curriculums and seek out ways to increase exposure to healthcare issues unique to this community

Download the 2015 Brochure!

Pride Committee Co-Chairs (pictured above left, l to r)
Tanya Grigg - Director of Financial Aid - email Tanya
Josh Campbell -Skills Lab Coordinator - email Josh
Anglyn Sasser - Staff Psychologist, Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) - email Anglyn

To contact the Pride Committee, email

Committee Members
Carla Ross – Alumni Affairs
Irma Walker-Adame – Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs CSPM
Kathryn Ward – Assistant Director, Student Services
Thom Tran – Library Technician
Kris Meadows – Occupational Therapy student

The Pride Committee has collected information and links to scholarships for the LGBTQ2IA community.
Click here for more information.

Click here to view resources the Pride Committee has gathered, pertaining to the LGBTQ2IA community.


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