Faculty Organization Research Committee (FORC)

The Faculty Organization Research Committee (FORC)

The Faculty Organization Research Committee (FORC) serves as a venue for interface between faculty conducting research and the Office of Academic Affairs in order to assure that appropriate physical, human and fiscal resources are made available. In addition, the committee will provide individual consultation to faculty on research projects.

  • Membership
    • The faculty members shall represent each school or department of the University, including at least one faculty member with primary faculty responsibilities in pre-licensure nursing education and one faculty member with primary faculty responsibilities in post-licensure nursing education.
    • The chairperson will be elected by the Committee from among its members. A Chair Elect will be elected in the Fall semester prior to the year of service as Chair. The Chair Elect will complete two years of service, the first as an orientation year of service as Chair Elect, and the second year will assume the Chair position.
  • Functions
    • To provide consultation to the Academic Vice-President on issues related to achieving and maintaining a refined and robust doctoral culture for the University.
    • To review applications for faculty research grant awards and make recommendations for distribution of available funds.
    • To advise the Academic Vice-President on annual budgetary expenditures for research support.
    • To advise the Academic Vice-President on requirements related to research facilities and equipment acquisition.
    • To provide guidance for applicants seeking ¬†resources for statistical support and development for faculty with a research agenda.
  • Reporting Relationships
    • The Chair person reports Committee actions to the Faculty Organization Executive Committee and Academic Vice-President.

Committees Responsibilities

Unless otherwise specified, all committees of Faculty Organization have the following responsibilities

  • Hold a minimum of one meeting per year
  • Maintain minutes of meetings and forward a copy of these minutes to the Faculty Organization Secretary.
  • Report findings, recommendations and actions to Faculty Organization.
  • Maintain liaison and ensure effective communication with other University administrative offices, University leadership, University committees, and the student body association.
  • Form ad hoc committees to accomplish the business of the Committee.
  • Submit an annual report to the Faculty Organization Executive Committee.

Faculty Organization Research Committee Roster
2016-2017 Academic Year

A & IIMemberBeverly Saar
AdministrativeMemberMichael Negrete
Basic SciencesMemberMary Premenko-Lanier
HSSCMemberKevin Reilly
LibraryMemberHai Thom Sota
MARCMemberDrew Smith
Nursing (Pre-Licensure)MemberNancy Smee
Nursing (Post-Licensure)MemberMary Wyckoff
Nursing (Doctoral)Past ChairPatricia Brennan
Occupational TherapyChairChi-Kwan Shea
Physical TherapyMemberRolando Lazaro
Physician AssistantMemberVicki Trevino
Podiatric MedicineMemberTim Dutra


Links to Grant Materials and Other Resources for Faculty Regarding Scholarship and Research Support: