Student Health Requirements

Samuel Merritt University has health requirements for all incoming and enrolled students, including a physical exam and immunizations. Student Health & Counseling Services maintains all student health records and determines compliancy with these health requirements, working together with students and faculty to ensure that your records are kept up to date. Questions regarding health records, immunizations, missing documentation, or health service "holds" on academic registration must be directed to Student Health & Counseling Services at 510-869-6629.

Before registration, all entering students must provide the following documented forms and materials. All documentation needed for a student's health record is enclosed with the Admission package or can be found here: SMU Student Health Record Forms.

All forms must be submitted directly to our office via mail, fax, in person, or placed in lock box in front of our office at:

Samuel Merritt University
Student Health & Counseling Center
3100 Telegraph Avenue, Suite #3105
Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: 510-869-6629
FAX: 510-869-6212