Staff Council Charter


All non-faculty and non-executive staff members of the University may participate.  Representation from all departments is strongly encouraged.

How we operate

  • Meetings are now held quarterly, but special meetings may be convened at any time, at the request of members or in response to events or concerns.
  • The Steering Committee consists of volunteers who commit to regular participation. Members take turns recording monthly meetings.
  • The agenda is prepared by the Co-Chairs and distributed one week prior to meetings.
  • Minutes and reports are recorded and posted online within one week after the meeting.

Organizational relationships

This committee reports to the President's Council and works with departments to encourage participation.

Mentoring / peer support

As staff members we all have many challenges juggling and prioritizing our work life or making progress toward long term professional goals.  We encourage each member to pair up with another staff member, someone they feel comfortable with.  It may be someone more experienced who can advise you on career development, or a peer who will take turns being a listening ear and giving objective advice to help you cope with or solve problems relating to work.  You may want to branch out and pick someone from a different department than your own. Pairs can then make arrangements to meet and talk as needed.