Student Housing Services

Welcome to Samuel Merritt University!

May your time here be an enjoyable, challenging, and life enriching experience that compliments your education in the health care field. We hope you enjoy your time with us and living in the Bay Area.

This packet will help you find suitable housing arrangements in a neighborhood that fits your taste. Deciding on a place to live can be difficult; Samuel Merritt University provides an off campus housing site to help you search the area.  Additional resources may be found at craigslist, and each provide tenant reviews for apartment buildings

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Office of Student Housing at 510.869.6627

SMU Housing Information Handbook  

 Off-Campus Housing 101
Using OCH101, housing seekers can review a variety of types of property, post a personal profile, and search for potential roommates. Information is reviewed and posted daily, so you know your housing information is always up-to-date. SMU students should go to our SMU Roommate Finder which is absolutely FREE for students to post their profiles to help you find your ideal roommate.  Another FREE resource is The You will find rentals listed for the San Francisco East Bay.

Managers & Landlords
Property managers and landlords will find that OCH101 is a fast and easy way to promote listings with unlimited text, pictures, directions, and additional features. OCH101 provides the maximum amount of information while minimizing the time required by housing seekers, property managers and landlords.

Other Services
In addition to OCH101, Off-Campus Housing Services provides information about subjects such as transportation, landlord-tenant relations, area resources, commuter student involvement, and safety and security. Off-Campus Housing Services is the place for all this and much more.