Technology Committee


The Technology Committee of Samuel Merritt University (SMU) serves as a strategic advisory body for recommendations pertaining to campus technology. The Committee assists in the development of the University's technology strategy and in the ongoing evaluation of progress towards meeting strategic objectives.


Role & Function:

  1. Develop the technology strategic plan for SMU and recommend to UPAC.
  2. Provide guidance to ITS, Lib/A&II, and other departments regarding how to prioritize resources with respect to technology.
  3. Provide a forum in which to explore educational technologies available or on the horizon, with a particular focus on technology in higher education.
  4. Analyze external and internal data for benchmarking SMU technology resources and practices relative to those of peer institutions.
  5. Recommend and review University-wide technology policies and procedures that impact end users.
  6. Propose and monitor the use of technologies designed to improve the teaching, learning and administrative functions of SMU.

Outcomes & Products:

  1. The technology strategic plan.
  2. Annual evaluation of progress toward meeting strategic objectives.
  3. Communication to the SMU community about the current and future direction of technology at SMU, utilizing benchmark data and input from relevant stakeholders.
  4. Report on new technologies and policies championed by the Technology Committee.


Members of the Technology Committee serve for two or three academic years with staggered terms. The chair(s) of the committee will be elected by the members and serve a term of one academic year.

Voting members shall include:

  • Vice President of Finance and Administration (ex-officio)
  • Director of Information Technology Services (ex-officio)
  • Director of Library/Academic & Instructional Innovation (ex-officio)
  • Four (4) members of faculty appointed by Faculty Organization
  • Three (3) staff representatives from the Division of Academic Affairs
  • Four (4) representatives from the Division of Finance and Administation
  • Four (4) representatives from the Division of Enrollment and Student Services
  • Two (2) student representatives
  • One (1) representative from the Office of the President.

Committee appointments are the province of the division head or their designees. Student appointees should be named in consultation with officers of the Student Body Association.


Operating Procedures:

The Technology Committee meets at least six times a year, with working groups expected to carry forward the committee's work between meetings. Minutes and agendas are distributed to members electronically and are made available online to the University community.


Organizational Relationships:

The Technology Committee reports to the Vice President of Finance & Administration who serves as the liaison to PC.



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