Introducing mySMU (Replaces Total Access)

Samuel Merritt University's Total Access single sign-on (SSO) platform has enhanced users' ability to access web services without needing to remember, or retype their passwords.  It has helped us tremendously over the last five years, but there were some drawbacks.  Total Access was vendor-managed—which lead to long development time to add new web services, and undesirable system maintenance periods.

mySMU is the next generation SSO platform, designed to serve the SMU community with better reliability and flexibility  than Total Access.


  • Even though there will be a new look, your login does not change. You will still use your SMU username and password to log in to mySMU to access all of your apps in one place.
  • As we transition to this new technology, a minimal number of external apps will require you to enter your credentials a second time. This is intended to be temporary.  If you are prompted to enter your login again, please do so.
  • Quicker adoption time for new services, and improved maintenance periods means less downtime for the apps you use on a regular basis!
  • The new interface features application search, bookmarking favorites, and categories to help find the application you need quickly.

To use mySMU, click the "mySMU Login" button on the top of the page.