University Planning and Advisory Committee


Drives development of the vision, values and mission of the University and guides implementation of the University strategic plan.

Role and Function:

  1. Participates in developing and monitors completion of the University Strategic Plan.
  2. Considers external environment and understands University finances and operations to inform strategic planning.
  3. Monitors institutional performance.
  4. Reviews institutional level governance structures to achieve mission, vision, and institutional performance goals.
  5. Receives annual reports from PC members and non-academic committees and reviews recommendations as determined by President and/or PC.
  6. Reviews and recommends program implementation or discontinuance.
  7. Represents internal stakeholders in the strategic planning process.
  8. Advises President on major issues.

Outcomes and Products:

  1. Periodically updates the University Strategic Plan.
  2. Approves proposals for Board of Regents consideration.
  3. Approves committee charters and functions.
  4. Completes projects/reports as assigned by the President.
  5. Reports annually to the University community about effectiveness of institutional performance and internal governance.
  6. Conducts bi-annual SWOT analysis and environmental scan.
  7. Completes annual UPAC self-evaluation.


Membership of the UPAC will be representative of internal University stakeholders.

Members include:

  • President's Council (all members)
  • Faculty Organization (its President and two additional faculty representatives)
  • Academic Division Representatives (2)
  • Finance and Administration Division Representatives (2)
  • Enrollment and Student Services Representatives (2)
  • Academic Council Representative (2)
  • Staff Council Representative (2)
  • SBA Representative (2) ex officio

A term shall be three years; renewable for two terms.

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