Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing Admission Information

Master of Nursing Case Management

The Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMSN) program is designed for those who have already earned a baccalaureate in a non-nursing field and seek to pursue a career in advanced practice nursing. Currently there are two career paths for ELMSN students: Case Management (CM) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

This unique program combines the foundation work of becoming a professional Registered Nurse (RN) and graduate level studies to support you in advanced practice RN roles. The program is divided into three sections: the RN or pre-licensure sections, the FNP section, and the CM section. Students are admitted to their master’s track of study at the beginning of the program but do not start the curriculum for their specialty in either CM or FNP until after the fourth semester of studies. Movement between tracks is not allowed. 

Application Deadlines 


Application Deadline



December 1
(ELMSN-CM deadline extended to March 1, 2017)



July 1


Case Management

Case Management has a broad scope of practice and will allow you to experience nursing in a variety of settings and facilities. Graduates can practice as case managers emphasizing service to the patient, provider, or payer. Strong advocacy, decision making, and planning skills are necessary for graduates to function in increasingly complex roles within the rapidly changing health care system.

The program requires two calendar years plus one semester (7 total semesters, including summer terms) for a total of 93 semester units. Upon completion of the first four semesters, students are eligible to take the RN licensure examination (NCLEX).

Family Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners work in a variety of clinical settings, including outpatient clinics, ambulatory care settings, emergency departments, inpatient units, community health agencies, and private practice settings as co-owners and operators with other nurse practitioners, physicians, and other healthcare providers.

The program requires three calendar years plus one semester (10 total semesters, including summer terms) for a total of 109 semester units. Upon completion of the first four semesters, students are eligible to take the RN licensure examination (NCLEX).

Scholarships for Disadvantaged FNP Students

In July 2016, Samuel Merritt University (SMU) was awarded $7.8 million in scholarship money for disadvantaged students who will join the University's mission to diversify the healthcare workforce and improve outcomes in underserved communities. The federal assistance, known as the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) program, will be available to students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Under this program, the University will award up to $30,000 per year to each recipient, depending on need. New and continuing students are eligible to receive this scholarship. Awards are made automatically based upon information provided in the application for admission and on the FAFSA.

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Questions about the ELMSN Programs can be directed to the following Admission Counselors:

Anne Seed
Oakland Campus
Kirsten Petersen
Sacramento Campus


In less than two years, my family has a better life. It was a fast program and I spent many nights studying after the kids went to bed, but now I’ve got a lot to show for it: A new career Alejandra Villegas FNP
Our background in sports and passion for physical performance drove us to study the science of human movement. Tino and Tron Tino & Tron Hardy Physical Therapy
So many foot problems can be successfully treated if they are identified early, and corrective measures are taken. Then, there are patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases that require specialized, ongoing foot care. We see everything in our clinics. Samantha Ralstin Samantha Ralstin Podiatric Medicine

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