Ask a Librarian

How do narrow my research topic?
Which article database should I use?
How do a find a full-text article online?
How do I use RefWorks?

Librarians are available at each of SMU’s campuses to assist you with these questions and more. You can reach any of the librarians by phone or email.

Sarah Naumann, MLIS
Oakland Librarian, Interim Director

Sarah Naumann
Phone: 510-869-6511 x5732

Marina Bacchetti, MLIS
Oakland Librarian

arina Bacchetti
Phone: 510-869-6511 x2898

Lindsey Simard, MLIS
Oakland Librarian

Lindsey Simard
Phone: 510-869-8692

Hai-Thom Sota, MLIS
Oakland Librarian, Director (on leave of absence)

Hai-Thom Sota
Phone: 510-869-6511 x3649

Geri Bodeker, MS, MLIS, AHIP
San Francisco Peninsula Librarian

Geri Bodeker
Phone: 650-292-5578

Jen Scolari, MLS
Sacramento Librarian

Jen Scolari
Phone: 916-646-2767

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