Transition to Professional Nursing Practice

Samuel Merritt University is not currently offering the Transition to Practice program. 


This program is designed to enhance the abilities of new graduate registered nurses who have experienced difficulty securing RN employment. The program leverages the strengths of Samuel Merritt University (SMU) School of Nursing in collaboration with our partner clinical facilities in the provision of classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences, which serve to build on the prelicensure education of new graduates as they move into professional practice roles.

Program Highlights:

  1. 12-15 week session; 24-32hrs/week, including 8hrs didactic, simulation, or project work.
  2. Curriculum provided, building on prelicensure competencies.
  3. Skills assessment/review at program start will guide an individualized learning plan for each participant.
  4. Participants share the patient care assignment of an RN preceptor, based on the RN's schedule. Placement determined by a number of factors including placements offered by partner facility and experience during pre-licensure program preceptorship.
  5. Participants who meet all the program requirements receive a certificate of completion from SMU.  BSN credit provided.  BSN participants may earn MSN credit for completing a graduate level project. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must have taken NCLEX-RN licensing exam at least 30 days before program start.
  2. Graduate of a school of nursing in or after the year 2014* (BSN preferred).
  3. U.S. citizen or documentation of authorization to work in the U.S.
  4. Not currently employed as an RN in an acute care setting.   
  5. Able to work a flexible 24-32hr/week schedule.
  6. Previous completion of another Transition to Practice Program negates eligibility for this program.

*See FAQ page for more detailed information

    For application information, please visit the application page.

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