Department of Basic Sciences

Prerequisite Health Science Program

The Department of Basic Sciences provides instruction in human sciences, such as gross anatomy, physiology and functional neurosciences, to many of the graduate schools, departments and programs of the University. The Department also offers undergraduate pre-requisite courses in anatomy and physiology that are required for admission to undergraduate and graduate programs in the health sciences, both for entry into SMU and other health science institutions.

The Department of Basic Sciences does not offer degrees. Admission to an SMU program is required or students may take courses for credit who are enrolled as a non-degree seeking student. Enrollment continues throughout the year until the course is full or the term begins. Courses are offered when minimal enrollment is met.

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Contact Information

For all inquires about the anatomy and physiology undergraduate & graduate courses and all departmental matters:

Barb Puder, PhD
Department Chair, Associate Professor of Neuroscience

For all inquiries about the Gross Anatomy Laboratory or the Multi-Use Laboratory:

Matthew Smith, MBA
Samuel Merritt University Laboratory Coordinator
510.879.9200 x7371

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