Exam Accommodation Requests

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Using Testing Accomodations

Oakland Campus

If you are approved for testing accommodations, and you have an upcoming test on the Oakland Campus for which you would like to reserve a space in the Testing Center, please click the link below to use the electronic request form.

Testing Room Reservation Request Form

Step 1: Complete the top portion of the form:

  • Click "Get My Info" and use your SMU Total Access login credentials
  • Select the current year and term 
  • Identify which course has an upcoming exam from the drop down menu
  • Identify which course instructor should review the form and provide the exam information
  • Identify the approved accommodations you want to use for this exam
  • Electronically "sign" the form by entering your login credentials again

You will get an email confirming your submission--if you don't, the form may not have gone through.

Step 2: The form will automatically be forwarded to the instructor you designated (the Faculty of Record for the course is the default person to receive the form if you do not specify another instructor), who will complete the instructor portion including the exam length and how the exam should be delivered and returned.

You will get another email when the instructor completes and signs the second portion. The form will then be automatically submitted to Elisa and the Campus Service Center. There is nothing more you need to do!

Step 3: On the day of your test, arrive at the Campus Service Center a few minutes before your scheduled exam to check in.

NOTE: The form does not accept changes once it has been submitted! If you need to submit a change to your testing request, please complete a new form, then notify both your faculty and drctesting@samuelmerritt.edu of the change.

San Francisco/Peninsula Campus or Sacramento Campus

If you are on the San Francisco/Peninsula or Sacramento Campus, once you have given your faculty your Letter of Accommodation stating that you are authorized to receive testing accommodations, your faculty will schedule your exams in the testing center. Please contact your instructor for questions regarding exam administration. Contact Elisa Laird-Metke (elaird-metke@samuelmerritt.edu) for questions regarding your accommodations or if there are problems with your exam administration and your instructor can't assist you.

Request more information

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