FIST Item Overview

You are now ready to administer the FIST.  Remember the following regarding the FIST items:

  • There are 14 items in total
  • Aside from the 3 nudge items, these items are ordered by difficulty, so have the patient perform them in order.
  • Nudges should be randomly inserted into the test by the therapist.
  • Multiple attempts for each item are acceptable.
    • Especially if the therapist is providing cues, prompts the patient to attempt with/without hands to improve performance, or to ensure full movement through the task.
    • Try to limit the attempts of any particular item to less than 2 or 3 to minimize testing effects interfering with the patient's score on that item.
    • It is preferable that you score the patient's first attempt, if possible.
  • Prior to each individual item:
    • Give the patient instructions, and demonstrate the task if needed.
    • Reposition the patient as needed before each item so they are in the standard position.
    • Recall the scoring criteria; it is the same for each item.

The following pages review each individual test item, and include:

  • Description of the item
  • Directions to give patient for that item
  • Item-specific examples of performance for each level of scoring
  • Common questions about performance and scoring specific to the item
  • A video clip showing examples of patient performance for at least 2 scoring levels
    • maximum score of 4
    • either 0, 1, 2, or 3


Next, details for each of the 14 FIST items