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SMU Job Board Listings

Oct. 1, 2013Work Study-Office Assistant-HECFacilitiesOn Campus
Oct. 28, 2014Work Study-Math TutorAcademic and Disability SupporOn Campus
Apr. 7, 2014Work Study Student-Office AssistantFinanceOn Campus
Jan. 8, 2014Work Study Student Assistant-Media ServiceMedia ServicesOn Campus
Oct. 23, 2014Work Study Student -Human ResourcesHuman Resource On Campus
Aug. 26, 2014T. A. Lab AssistantPhysician AssistantOn Campus
Apr. 25, 2014SMU-Regular Nursing Faculty-Multi Speciality- Sacramento Learning CenterNursingFaculty
Jul. 29, 2014SMU-Program Chair-Accelerated BSN ProgramNursingFaculty
Dec. 16, 2014SMU-Instructional On-line Teaching SpecialistNursingStaff
Nov. 6, 2014SMU-Instructional DesignerAcademic Instruction & InnovatStaff
Oct. 6, 2014SMU-Family Nurse Practitioner Program - Full time Faculty - Sacramento Learning CenterNursingFaculty
Aug. 4, 2014SMU-Clinical Nurse Instructor - Medical-Surgical/Critical Care - San Francisco PeninsulaNursingFaculty
Dec. 12, 2014SMU-Campus Coordinator-San Francisco Peninsula Learning CenterSchool of NursingStaff
Dec. 9, 2014SMU-Business Office SpecialistBusiness OfficeStaff
Jul. 22, 2014SMU-Applications Manager Information Technology ServiceStaff