Research Ethics & Integrity / Institutional Review Board and Research Protocol Screening

Research Ethics & Integrity (REI) assurance falls within Academic Affairs to ensure that research being conducted by SMU faculty, staff or students is ethical and meets the Federal Requirements (45 CFR 46) for the protection of human subjects. Academic Affairs supports two processes for the review of research activities. The Research Protocol Screening (RPS) process, considers research protocols that meet the federal criteria (45 CFR 46) for being exempt or those not involving human subjects. Exempt determinations and non-human subject research (NHSR) are made through the RPS. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research involving human subjects using full review or expedited review procedures for non-exempt studies.

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Investigators conducting research are responsible for reporting any unanticipated problems or adverse events involving risks to research participants. Please submit a written report of any such problems by filling out the Adverse Event Report Form and submitting it to the IRB Administrator immediately.

If your study is now complete, please fill out the Final Report Form and submit it to the IRB Administrator.

Research or Projects Require Protocol Screening or IRB Review if they:

• Involve humans, human tissue, or data gathered about human subjects; and

• Are conducted by SMU faculty, students, or staff; on University premises; with University equipment; or on University faculty, students, or staff.

IRB Submission Timeline
  • Studies requiring Full Review must be submitted by the first working day of the month. The IRB meets monthly, as needed, except for the months of August and December. Reviews will be completed within three to four weeks.
  • Studies qualifying for Expedited Review may be submitted at any time. Reviews will be completed within two to three weeks.
  • Studies / projects meeting the criteria for Exemption may be submitted through the Protocol Screening Process at any time. Reviews will be completed within one to two weeks.