Donate to Samuel Merritt

Support health equity and the mission of Samuel Merritt University (SMU) by donating to scholarships and new initiatives. Our graduates are in high demand, with 97 percent working in their chosen field within one year of graduation. They are well-prepared to meet the complexities of today's health care environment. 

Your Support is Essential

SMU is breathing new life into the health sciences by creating a generation of highly skilled and compassionate professionals ready to tackle 21st-century health care challenges. The University's reputation for personalized instruction, hands-on clinical training, and a diverse student body mean it's well-positioned to advance patient care and address health inequities. With your support, we can make an even bigger difference. 

Donate to Emergency Student Fund

During this challenging time, SMU students need our support more than ever. University campus food pantries remain open for students to access, and we have emergency student funds available to those who experience unexpected costs, including for rent, food, transportation, and technology. These emergency funds help SMU respond to individual and diverse student needs as we navigate this crisis together. If you are financially able, our dedicated students would certainly be grateful for your support.



I Want to Help. What Are My Options?

Our highest funding priority is currently for student scholarships. Here are some other common giving options. Or we can work with you on a more individualized approach.

Student Scholarships

More than 86 percent of all students at SMU receive some form of financial aid. With education costs on the rise, it is imperative that we continue to raise scholarship funds to attract the best and the brightest students in all programs within the University. Your scholarship gift enables SMU students to focus more on their education and less on holding down a job or taking out student loans. Named scholarship funds are available with gifts starting at $25,000.

Commemorative Gifts

Memorial and honorary gifts have been an important part of the history and tradition of SMU. From gifts such as the Hall Nursing Award, given in 1971 to honor the fine nursing care at Merritt Hospital, and named in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee E. Hall, to every small memorial gift made by one alumnus in the name of another, the University provides its alumni and friends with fitting ways to honor or memorialize family and friends.

Planned and Estate Gifts

Planned giving offers donors the opportunity to make a gift to the University in concert with their personal long-term financial and estate planning. Bequests enable donors to leave a lasting legacy when remembering SMU in their will or trust. Charitable Remainder Trusts help donors avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated property, increase income, and reduce income taxes. Donors may also leave a legacy by naming SMU in their life insurance policy, 401(k), IRA, or retirement plan.

Stocks and Securities

Donors may avoid capital gains tax on appreciated securities by donating to the University. Please contact us for more details.


Most endowment gifts bear the name of the donor or family and are restricted for scholarships. However, a donor may also endow a Faculty Chair in one of the programs offered at SMU. Endowment gifts are an especially rewarding way of giving. The funds are invested and the interest provides ongoing income for the purpose designated by the donor.

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