WSCUC Core SMU Team and Resources

WSCUC Core Team

Fred Baldini, PhD—Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs, 510.879.0784

Celeste Villanueva, EdD, CRNA—Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs, 510.879.9262

Terry Nordstrom, EdD, PT, FAPTA— Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 510.879.9254

Michael Negrete, PharmD—Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs, 510.879.9275

Leslie Wasson, PhD—Director of Institutional Effectiveness and WSCUC Accreditation Liason Officer

Nandini Dasgupta, MS—Director, Institutional Research and evaluation, 510.907.2433

Scot Foster, PhD—former Academic Vice President and Provost

Madeleine Kahn, PhD —Consultant

Support Staff

Jamie Hirota—Assistant to the Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs, 510.879.9200 Ext. 7374
Amy Hester-Anderson—Special Projects Coordinator, Academic Affairs, 510.879.9200 Ext. 7342

Virtual Site Visit Resources

For TPR report related questions, contact  Leslie Wasson or Fred Baldini.
For virtual site visit questions, contact Amy Anderson.
For institutional data and student achievement questions, contact Nandini Dasgupta.
For Institutional Effectiveness Center questions, contact Kay Davis.
For access and technology-related questions, contact Marcus Walton.