Writing Support

Meet with Writing Support Services to work on common style and grammar errors, organization and citations. In the meantime, use this page to lead you through each step of  the writing process. 

Also, try our online writing center called:



To gain access, log in through SMU Total Access! Look for the Smarthinking icon under Academic Support. Use it to have a paper reviewed for grammar, argument, organization or documentation. Please contact Kathryn Ward if you have questions regarding Smarthinking or any other Writing Support questions.



Scientific Writing Workshop: Tips for Content, Structure & Organization
by Dr. Michelle Hampton
Better Writing = Better Grades (38 minutes)
by Kathryn Ward

For help with common writing issues explore resources in the chart below:


Getting Started            Punctuation              
Developing your topic and thesis  Subject/Verb Agreement
Researching your topic APA Format & Style
Reading your sources AMA Format & Style
Avoiding plagiarism       
Genres of Writing  

To request an appointment, contact the following staff members on your campus:

Bukola Adesokan-
, Student Services Coordinator, San Francisco Peninsula Campus

Robyn Heise, Student Services Coordinator, Sacramento Campus

Kathryn Ward, Assistant Director of Student Services, Oakland Campus


Getting started

Writing a Research Paper (PurdueOWL) Overview of a Research Paper


Developing your topic and thesis

Choosing a Topic (PurdueOWL)

Thesis Statements (UNC–Writing Center)


Researching your topic

Getting Started With Your Research (SMU Library)

Search thru SMU library for sources

Evaluating Sources (PurdueOWL)


Reading your sources

Reading to Write (UNC–Writing Center)

Color Coding: a strategy to create/strengthen your argument (UNC–Writing Center)


Avoiding Plagiarism=Keeping Track of Citations!

How We Cite (UNC–Writing Center) Differences between a Quotation, Paraphrase, Summarization, or Generalization

Safe Practices (PurdueOWL)

APA Sample Works Cited Page (UNC–Writing Center)

AMA Citation Style (Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)


Pre-Writing is Important!

Introduction to Pre-Writing (PurdueOWL)

Brainstorming Ideas! (UNC–Writing Center)


Outlining = An Organized Paper

Outlines (UNC–Writing Center)

Developing an Outline (PurdueOWL)



Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusions for an Argument Paper (PurdueOWL)

Paragraph Development (UNC–Writing Center)

Transitions (UNC–Writing Center)



Where Do I Begin? (PurdueOWL)

Proofreading (UNC–Writing Center)

Editing a Draft (University of Richmond)


Genres of Writing

Abstracts (UNC–Writing Center)

Annotated Bibliography (UNC–Writing Center)

Conference Papers (UNC–Writing Center)

Group Writing (UNC–Writing Center)

Scientific Writing

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