iOs: Canvas App - Enable Third-Party App Cookies for Viewing Panopto Videos

Why is the embedded Panopto video is not available in the Canvas iOS app?

In order to view the embedded Panopto videos in the iOS Canvas app, you will need to enable cookies and website-tracking in the Safari and Canvas apps settings.

     Graphic describing the Canvas iOS app with a Panopto video not visible.

See this 2-minute video for step-by-step instructions on how to enable Third-Party cookies.


Or, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the "Settings" icon in the iOS device.

    Graphic of iOS settings app icon.
  2. Select the "Safari" app.
    1. Scroll down to the Privacy & Security settings.
    2. Turn off "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking".
    3. Turn off "Block all Cookies".

      Gaphic: iOS Safari app settings. Turn off both, "prevent cross-site tracking" and "block all cookies".
  3. Select the Canvas Student app.
    1. Turn on "Allow Cross-Website Tracking"
    2. Turn on "Open external tools in Safari".

      Gaphic: iOS Canvas Student app settings. Turn on both, "allow cross-website tracking" and "open external tools in Safari".
  4. Play the video in the Canvas app, or play it in full-screen. 

         Graphic: iOS Canvas, Panopto video available for playing in Canvas with option to view in full-screen