Career Services

We're here to assist your job search. We help students develop materials and interview skills as well as feel more comfortable with the job search process.  

Our Services

  • Resume and cover letter writing

  • Job search strategies

  • Interview skills

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Job Board

In addition, we work with employers to bring their job opportunities to you through our online job board.


Get Hired Within a Year

96 percent of SMU RN Grads get jobs within one year of graduation (SMU Report, 2016) 

74 percent of RN’s in CA get jobs within one year of graduation (Health Impact, 2015)

Here to Help Your Job Search

Follow these steps to get started.

Resume/CV Information


Resume & Cover Letter Writing


  • Interviewing
    • Specific questions and tips for interviewing successfully from UCSF

Preparing a Curriculum Vitae for Residency Applications

Residency Interviews

Additional Resources

  • Interview Stream
    • Practice interviewing on demand. Interview Stream is an online tool that is free to SMU Students.
    • Create your free account using your SMU email
    • Record your interview on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with a webcam to record yourself practicing interview questions 
    • Use the customized set DPM questions or create a customized set of questions using Interview Stream's database of questions
    • For questions or technical difficulties contact Interview Stream: or contact the Assistant Director of Student Services