Kate Hayner

Department Chair Associate Professor EdD in Counseling Psychology, MA in Clinical Psychology, BS in Occupational Therapy, BS in Behavioral Psychology

Programs and Courses Taught

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

OT724 Conditions of Human Dysfunction
OT729 Theory and Practice of Physical Dysfunction

About Me

Dr. Hayner is the Chair of the Occupational Therapy Department and has taught at SMU since 1995. She continues to treat clients regularly as her time permits. Dr. Hayner has worked in the areas of adult and geriatric rehabilitation, pediatrics, and mental health in a vast number of settings including acute care, sub-acute care, home health, psychiatric in-patient, work hardening, and private practice. In 2004 Professor Hayner received her Advanced Practice Certification in Swallowing Assessment, Evaluation and Intervention, as well as her Advanced Practice Certification in Hand Therapy.


Dr. Hayner is a graduate of Western Michigan University where she received BS degrees in both Occupational Therapy and Behavioral Psychology. She received an MA degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Illinois University and in 1999 she received an EdD degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco.

Teaching Interests

Professor Hayner's teaching interests are in the area of adult physical dysfunction and the psychosocial aspects of physical dysfunction.

Scholarly Interests

Post stroke shoulder subluxation and treatment
The Pedagogy of balance
Constraint induced movement Therapy
Shoulder taping for subluxation
Psychosocial aspects of physical dysfunction


Chatterjee, S., Hayner, K., Arumugam,N., Goyal, M., Midha, D., Arora, A., Sharma, S., & Kumar, S. (2016). The California Tri-pull Taping Method in the Treatment of Shoulder Subluxation After Stroke: A Randomized Clinical Trial. The North American Journal of Medical Sciences, Apr; 8(4): 175–182. doi:  10.4103/1947-2714.179933

Hayner, K. (2012). Effectiveness of the California Tri-Pull Taping Method for Shoulder Subluxation Poststroke: A Single-Subject ABA Design. Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66, 727-736. doi: 10.5014/ajot.2012.004663

Hayner, K. (2011).  Client Centered Therapy: How Does It Relate to What We Do as Practitioners and What Can We Do To Empower Our Client to Assure They Receive It? UC Berkeley Center on Aging Engaging Aging e-Newsletter, June, 2-4.

Hayner, K., Gibson, G., & Giles, G. M. (2010). Research Scholars Initiative—Comparison of constraint-induced movement therapy and bilateral treatment of equal intensity in people with chronic upper-extremity dysfunction after cerebrovascular accident. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 64, 528–539. doi: 10.5014/ajot.2010.08027

Awareness of Psychological Issues and Actual Practices by Occupational Therapists Evaluating and Treating Patients with Selected Physical Disabilities” Dissertation Published with UMI’s Dissertation Abstract Database, 1999.

Honors & Awards

2011 - American Occupational Therapy Conference, Research Initiative Scholars’ Award for manuscript published in AJOT: Comparison of constraint-induced movement therapy and bilateral treatment of equal intensity in people with chronic upper-extremity dysfunction after cerebrovascular accident

2000 – Community Service Recognition for giving over 100 hours of free OT services to individuals in the Oakland community.

1999 – Certificate of appreciation for developing & implementing the first OT clinic at Samuel Merritt University

1999 - Best Teacher of the Year, Samuel Merritt University

1991 - Best Teacher of the Year, Samuel Merritt University