Mary Premenko-Lanier

Mary Premenko-Lanier

Associate Professor PhD

Programs and Courses Taught

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Master of Physician Assistant

PA603 Microbiology and Infectious Disease
PM717 Immunology
PM714 Medical Microbiology
PM703 Medical Genetics

About Me

I am an expert in immunology including inflammation, innate and acquired immunity (antibody, T cell activation and subtype during different infections and or diseases), I am an expert in infectious diseases both acute and chronic infections. I am also very knowledgeable in biochemistry (metabolism, diabetes, complex disorders). I am also an expert on vaccinations and actually began my career developing newborn vaccines.

I approach teaching complex topics through engagement of students to participate. I focus on helping students learn material through hands on exercises that reinforce course content. I find teaching very gratifying and that it complements my research in that I too am always learning.


I recieved my biology BS from California State University Sacramento and a PhD. from University of California Davis in comparative pathology. My postdoctoral fellowship was with Dr. John Altman and Dr. Rafi Ahmed at the Emory Vaccine Research Center with an emphasis on chronic viral infection and its effect on immune cell function.

Scholarly Interests

Developing vaccines and treatments for chronic infections.
Developing platforms to deliver therapeutic agents to targeted tissues.


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Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Socienty of Microbiology ASM
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
American Association of Immunologists (AAI)