Tal Sraboyants

Tal Sraboyants

Program Co-Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Assistant Professor DNP, FNP-C, PHN, CHFN

Programs and Courses Taught

N675 and N775 - Care for Acute and Episodic Conditions 

N675L and N775L - Care for Acute and Episodic Conditions Lab 

N670 - Family Centered Nursing Practice 

N619 - Advanced Pathophysiology 

N677 - Advanced Pharmacology 

N678 - N680 - Clinical Practicum I, II, and III

About Me

Samuel Merritt University has been my home since 2010. Starting out as a ELMSN student to TA to adjunct faculty to full time faculty to FNP leadership, I have run through the the gambit of roles within the University. Doing so has allowed me to experience different levels of responsibility and gain a much needed student perspective. Armed with this unique perspective and my experience in the acute care setting as a cardiac ICU nurse and in the outpatient setting as a cardiac and primary care NP my goal is not only to pass on the knowledge necessary for students to become successful NPs, but to encourage students to find their passion within the NP field and to promote self exploration of medical knowledge.


UC Davis, Bachelor of Science, Exercise Biology and Minor in Managerial Economics 

Samuel Merritt University, Masters of Science in Nursing (ELMSN), FNP

Samuel Merritt University, Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Teaching Interests

Wide spectrum of chronic disease management 

Problem based learning and simulation based learning modalities 




Advancing APRN role within the outpatient setting

Scholarly Interests

Cardiovascular medicine 

Heart failure Management 

Diabetes Mellitus Management Simulation based learning 

Unique teaching modalities to enhance students' understanding


Publication. Sraboyants, T. (2021). An evidence based quality improvement project of the impact of a nurse practitioner led heart failure, self-care focused, patient education on healthcare related quality of life. Journal of Heart and Lungs, 50(4), 561-562. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.hrtlng.2021.03.058 

Poster presentation. 2021 Western Institute of Nursing Annual Conference. 4/202. Impact of a NP Led Heart Failure, Self-Care Focused, Patient Education on HRQOL 

Presenter. Samuel Merritt University’s Winter Scholarship Symposium 2/2021. An Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Project of the Impact of a Nurse Practitioner Led Heart Failure, Self-Care Focused, Patient Education on Healthcare Related Quality of Life 

Presenter. Sigma Theta Tau, Nu Xi, Heart Disease: Advances in Lifestyle Management & Treatment. 10/2019. Heart Failure Management. What’s new? 

Presenter. Samuel Merritt University’s Spring Scholarship Symposium 4/2019. Cheating? Using an Integrative Proctored Exam System in High Stake Examination in Online

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

California Associations of Nurse Practitioners 

National Association of Heart Failure Nurses 

Sigma Theta Tau 

American Association of Nurse Practitioners National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties

Community Service

Advancing cardiovascular knowledge (health fairs, community lectures, etc) 

Sigma Theta Tau 

Community Service

Honors & Awards

2022 - Strommen Dillashaw Award Nominee 

2022 - Faculty Scholarship Grant Program awardee 

2021-present - Sigma Nu Xi Graduate Counselor 

2019-present - Sutter APC council member 

2019 - Sutter Physician & APC Leadership Program completed