SMU Makes Strides into the Top 100 for Best Health Schools

TC Clark

Samuel Merritt University (SMU) has been ranked the top 100 for part of Best Health Schools according to the prestigious US News and World Report rankings. The recent rankings affirm SMU's commitment to providing outstanding education in healthcare disciplines and reflect the university's dedication to advancing the fields of nursing anesthesia, occupational therapy, and physical therapy among other programs.

US News and World Report is renowned for its comprehensive rankings across various educational sectors, including healthcare. The rankings are based on a rigorous methodology that evaluates factors such as academic quality, faculty resources, student selectivity, and research activity. The approach aims to provide prospective students and stakeholders with valuable insights into the strengths and performance of graduate programs across the nation.

President Ching-Hua Wang expressed her pride and enthusiasm about SMU's achievements, stating, "Being ranked in the top 100 for Best Health Schools is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our faculty, staff, and students. At SMU, we are committed to excellence in healthcare education, and these rankings validate our efforts in preparing future healthcare leaders. We are excited to raise the bar for healthcare education in upcoming years."

Among SMU's notable achievements in the rankings are:

  • Nursing Anesthesia: SMU's Nursing Anesthesia program secured an impressive position at #61 out of 131 schools evaluated. This recognition highlights the program's high-quality curriculum, clinical training opportunities, and faculty expertise in anesthesia care.
  • Occupational Therapy: SMU's Occupational Therapy program attained a commendable ranking at #92 out of 263 schools considered. The program's focus on evidence-based practice, interprofessional collaboration, and experiential learning contributes to its reputation for producing skilled occupational therapists.
  • Physical Therapy: SMU's Physical Therapy program achieved a notable ranking at #74 out of 245 schools evaluated. The program's comprehensive curriculum, contemporary facilities, and emphasis on clinical experience prepare graduates to excel in diverse healthcare settings.

These rankings underscore SMU's commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare education. By continuously striving for academic excellence, SMU remains at the forefront of educating healthcare professionals who make meaningful contributions to their communities and the broader healthcare landscape.

For more information about SMU's rankings and programs, visit the US News and World Report website

As SMU celebrates this achievement, the university reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and service in healthcare education and looks forward to continued success in the years to come.

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