Institutional Effectiveness

Samuel Merritt University uses continuous assessment and data analysis to support student success, in fulfillment of the University’s mission.  Most SMU students are graduate students or, for the BSN program, upper-level undergraduate students who have completed prerequisites at another institution.

Samuel Merritt University’s Institutional Effectiveness framework incorporates data reports and analysis from the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and the Director of Institutional Research into recommendations for action from the Institutional Effectiveness Committee. Those recommendations follow an established path through senior leadership teams all the way up to SMU’s President and Board of Regents.

Program curricula are explicitly linked to Institutional Learning Outcomes through Course and Program Learning Outcomes, with curriculum maps, data reports, and evidence of student learning available in the Institutional Effectiveness Center.  Through these data visualizations, University stakeholders can see how specific courses and assignments align with the program and institutional learning outcomes. Interactive data exhibits about students’ professional readiness, along with multiple years’ data about admissions, enrollment, degrees, financial aid, and the qualifications of faculty and staff, are publicly available on the Institutional Research page of this website.