Readmission Applicants

If you’re a past Samuel Merritt University student interested in returning to complete your degree, you may apply for readmission. 

Life happens. Maybe you had to leave school for personal or family reasons; maybe courses didn’t fit into your schedule at the time. Wherever life took you after your time at Samuel Merritt University, if you started your health sciences education here, you may be able to finish it here as well. 

Readmission is not guaranteed and applicants must meet current admission requirements and standards. Applications for readmission must be submitted to the Office of Admission a minimum of 60 days prior to the beginning of the term for which readmission is being requested. Applications should be printed, completed, and mailed to the Office of Admissions.


Application Process

Students who previously attended SMU may be eligible to apply for readmission if they:

  • Voluntarily withdrew from the university 
  • Comply with current admissions policies 
  • Do not have an outstanding balance for tuition or other fees 

Students who were dismissed from a program at SMU may not apply for re-entry to that specific program. 

What You’ll Need to Complete Your Application

If you’re planning to apply for readmission to SMU, you’ll need a few things to prepare for completing and submitting your application.

  • Transcripts for any additional academic work completed after your time at SMU
  • A personal statement regarding your request for readmission, outlining your reasons for seeking readmission, how your circumstances may have changed since you were last enrolled, other relevant information

Understanding Program Admissions Requirements

Readmitted students must meet current program admissions requirements, such as prerequisites or prior health care experience. Visit your individual program page to see if you still meet the criteria for your area of interest.


Next Steps

Applications for readmission are reviewed by the dean and department chair or program director.

Readmission Application

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