Discussions with Video

You can use video for your Canvas Discussions. Learn about four methods for recording, uploading, and posting replies, using your computer.

Use video files stored in your computer for Canvas discussions

You can record your videos with the device (mobile/computer), or recording app of your choice. After the videos are stored in your computer, follow these steps to "reply" to a discussions post.

  1. Open the Canvas course.
  2. Open  the "Discussions" assignment.
  3. Click "reply".
  4. Choose "Upload".
  5. Click "Everything".
  6. Select the Panopto Assignments folder for the course (this is where you will be uploading the video to).
  7. Click "Upload".
  8. Click "Choose video or audio files".
  9.  Browse the files on your computer and select the video.
  10. Click "Open".
    The video will upload, process, and publish.
  11. Click "Insert" when the button lights up (this will happen as soon as the video is fully uploaded).
    When you click "Insert", the video will embed in the Canvas discussion. Click "Insert" even if the video is still processing. It will become available for viewing when the video is fully processed and published.
  12. Click "Post Reply".

Use Panopto Capture to record videos on a web browser

Panopto Capture is the recommended method for recording and posting replies in Canvas discussions.  See Follow the steps in the guide for recording videos with Panopto Capture ob your web browser!

Use the Panopto app in your computer to record discussions with video 

With Panopto, you can record yourself, others, a presentation, yourself and narrate PPTs, as well as other scenarios. To engage in Canvas discussions with Panopto video using your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Install Panopto (Your PC computer) (Mac computer)
  2. Open the Canvas discussion assignment.
  3. Click Reply to a thread.
  4. Record the video and text guides on how to (a) configure the Panopto Recorder settings, (b) record, (c) "reply" to a post.

Alternately, you can record and Submit using Canvas Media. 

STOP! Only use Canvas Media if your teacher makes this option available. Canvas Media has time and file size limitations. It is an option for shorter videos (1-3 minutes long).

If this is the right option for you, follow the steps in these guides:

  1. Upload a video to Canvas.
  2. Record a video with Canvas Media.