Discussions with Video: Methods for Recording and Submitting

You can use video for your Canvas Discussions. Learn about five methods for recording, uploading, and posting replies, using your computer.

Choose a method to "Reply" and "Post" in Canvas Discussions

Choose the method that is most suitable for your Discussions assignment, and the resources available to you.

1. Record and "post" or "reply" in a discussions thread with iOS or Android Video

See the the instructions guide for iOS and Android.

2. Record with Panopto Capture in your browser

Use Panopto Capture to record your video assignments or to reply to posts in Canvas discussions. Panopto Capture is a web browser recorder. It's user-friendly and is accessible straight from your Canvas course. The videos are saved in the SMU Panopto Cloud, in the assignment folder for your course. Then, you'll need to submit the video in the Canvas assignment. Use Panopto Capture.

3. Record with the device and app of your choice 

You can record your videos with the device (mobile/computer), or recording app of your choice. After your recording is complete and stored in your computer or device upload it to Panopto and "Reply."

4. Use the Panopto app in your computer to record discussions with video 

With Panopto, you can record yourself, others, a presentation, yourself and narrate PPTs, as well as other scenarios.  See the instructions for using the Panopto Recorder app in your computer. Then,"choose" the video, and  post and reply in Canvas discussions 

5. Alternately, you can record and Submit using Canvas Media. 

STOP! Only use Canvas Media if your teacher makes this option available. Canvas Media has time and file size limitations. It is an option for shorter videos (1-3 minutes long).

If this is the right option for you, follow the steps in these guides:

  1. Upload a video to Canvas.
  2. Record a video with Canvas Media.