Workshop: Academic Innovation - Integrating iPads in an Undergraduate Prelicensure Nursing Program

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Workshop Time:  11:00 AM  (PDT)


Janice Lanham, RN,MS,CNEcl,NC-BC
Principal Lecturer, School of Nursing, Clemson University

Moderator: Rhea Kimpo, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Sciences, Samuel Merritt University



An overview of strategies for integration of iPads into a prelicensure undergraduate baccalaureate nursing program.


Digital technology is becoming more prevalent in the nursing profession with the use of smartphones and tablets. Information portability allows nurses, as healthcare providers, the ability to access clinical data at the point of care and use this digital information to enhance patient care delivery. Students using mobile electronic devices in patient care delivery demonstrate greater confidence, improved time management and improved patient outcomes. With the integration of the electronic health record (EHR)across all healthcare settings, digital and information literacy are essential components of baccalaureate nursing education. This presentation aims to evaluate student engagement related to mobile health (mHealth) and digital technology, explore the use of digital technology in the academic learning environment, examine the role of digital technology in baccalaureate prelicensure nursing programs and inform recommendations for mHealth integration throughout nursing curricula.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify student engagement strategies related to mHealth and digital technology.
  2. Explore the use of digital technology in the academic learning environment.
  3. Evaluate the role of digital technology in baccalaureate prelicensure nursing programs.

Workshop Tags

iPad Basics, Specialty Apps, Clinical Applications, Organizational Tools, Program integration of iPads

Required Participant Experience 

Intermediate (practical application) 


Use Case, Interactive Exercise, Discussion, Q&A

Required Devices

iPad, Computer, iPhone 

Required pre-installed apps

Apple Notes, Freeform, and Keynote; Nearpod (Third-Party App)

Presenter Biography

Professor Janice Lanham is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Nursing at Clemson University. In 1988 she graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in Nursing and again in 1994 with a M.S. in Nursing. She is currently certified as an Academic Clinical Nurse Educator. In her career she has demonstrated excellence in teaching by incorporating innovative, evidenced based pedagogies which engage and prepare new nurses to practice in diverse and dynamic work environments. She engages in promotional activities to enhance teaching, scholarship, service, and expert clinical practice. Ms. Lanham works to promote expertise and skill among undergraduate nursing students in the delivery of culturally appropriate and competent nursing care for an increasingly diverse society. Her research program emphasizes cultural awareness, global health, health disparities, innovative pedagogy, telehealth, and health information/mobile technology.